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INTERVIEW: Mike Carter – The Soundtrack & Real World Studios

By February 15, 2014February 7th, 2015News

We caught up with Director and Writer of ‘Fraternity’, Mike Carter, and asked him a bit about the soundtrack, the influences behind it and recording at Real World Studios:

Real World Studios is a truly magic place. Set in the heart of the Wiltshire countryside, and purpose-built with an astonishing natural acoustic, it has given us the perfect opportunity to record the score for ‘Fraternity’ in an idyllic and creative environment.  

Corin Buckeridge and I go back a long way! We first collaborated on a musical play in the early 1980s. He is now one of the most sought-after MDs and pianists in London, but has taken time out to compose a breathtakingly beautiful score for us which has already taken the film to a different level.  Violinist, Freddie Smith, and flautist, Philippe Barnes have been working with us all week along with Sound Designer, Mark Hodgkin; Foley Artist, Andy Ward; and Operations Manager, Nik Carter. It’s been a wonderful collaboration of creative musical talent. Our Sound Engineer from Real World, Patrick Phillips, has invested so much of his time and skill in the project that it now feels as if he has been part of the ‘Fraternity’ team from the outset.  

‘Fraternity’ deals with a complex cocktail of emotional themes which emerge from a story set against the backdrop of WWII. Essentially, we wanted to develop the rustic, earthy nature of the rural setting and so started by exploring an English ‘folky’ style with flutes, whistles and guitars. At the same time, we wanted to ensure that the themes of love, guilt, jealousy and betrayal were not confined to one period of history;  indeed, the story starts in a modern Western European city. We hope, and believe, that the finished score reflects a genuine English, rural quality, whilst its timeless, enduring quality is able to shine through.  

The week marks a hugely important stage in the progress of the film and we are all looking forward to its release in the next few months. 

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