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Brothers of War (2014)
Farm boy, Jake Jackson, lives for girls, guns and adrenalin; his younger brother, Greg, loves poetry. The tensions and bitter rivalry between the two finally erupt into bloody, life-changing violence. With dark clouds of war looming over England’s green and pleasant land, it is Greg who unexpectedly signs up for front line battle in France. Meanwhile, the unspoken secrets and lies of this farming family continue to fester. Decades later, two German brothers unearth some shocking news which leads them all the way to England to lay the ghosts to rest.

Connected (2012)
Jack and Louise are living the dream; with two wonderful children, they are still deeply in love after nine years of marriage. In fact, so strong is the bond between them, that they can communicate telepathically. Then one day, as Jack is driving to work, Louise feels the impact of a car crash. She knows something is wrong and rushes out to find him. But it’s too late. Months later, numb with grief, she starts to see his ghost everywhere. Convinced she’s going crazy, she tries forcing the visions out of her mind … until the morning she wakes to find him standing in the kitchen making her breakfast. The next 24 hours changes her life as much as his death did.