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Someone, somewhere out here, is connected to you.

“Natasha Staples shines in this beautifully shot British drama.” 

Bill Nighy

‘Connected’, written and directed by Mike Carter, stars Natasha Staples and Luke Healy.  The film enjoyed its first screening at Cineworld in June, 2012 and was signed by High Point Media later that year.  Since then, ‘Connected’ has enjoyed several international sales.

Jack and Louise are living the dream;  with two wonderful children, they are still deeply in love after nine years of marriage.  In fact, so strong is the bond between them, that they can communicate telepathically.  Then one day, as Jack is driving to work, Louise feels the impact of a car crash.  She knows something is wrong and rushes out to find him.  But it’s too late.  Months later, numb with grief, she starts to see his ghost everywhere.  Convinced she’s going crazy, she tries forcing the visions out of her mind … until the morning she wakes to find him standing in the kitchen making her breakfast.  The next 24 hours changes her life as much as his death did.


Natasha Staples (Louise) was born in Singapore to British and Canadian parents. She grew up in South Africa, where she danced professionally before becoming a musical theatre performer (‘Grease’; ‘Chicago’; ‘Fame’) and national soap star (‘Backstage’). She made her feature film debut opposite Colin Farrell (‘Ask The Dust’). Since arriving in London, she has played Helen of Troy (‘Waiting for Apollo’) at the Edinburgh Fringe, and created the role of Annabelle in ‘The Philosopher\’s Tale’ at the Tristan Bates Theatre in 2013.

Luke Healy (Jack) has worked extensively on stage in the West End, at the National Theatre, Soho Theatre, The Bush and around the country. His film work includes ‘Outpost 11’, ‘Football Factory’ and ‘The Heart of Me’.

‘Connected’ also boasts a rich supporting cast, with delightful comic performances from Sarah Mann, Mark Katz, Owen Aaronovitch and Mark Brailsford.