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Brothers of War

A WWII drama written &
directed by Mike Carter


Brothers of War

A WWII drama written &
directed by Mike Carter


Brothers of War

A WWII drama written &
directed by Mike Carter


Brothers of War

A WWII drama written &
directed by Mike Carter


Brothers of War

A WWII drama written &
directed by Mike Carter


Brothers of War

A WWII drama written &
directed by Mike Carter


Brothers of War, a WWII drama, is the latest feature film from MCN Productions

written and directed by Mike Carter

A bitter rivalry, a dangerous passion, a guilty secret and a world at war.

Farm boy, Jake, lives for girls, guns and adrenalin; his younger brother, Greg, loves poetry. The tensions and bitter rivalry between the two finally erupt into bloody, life-changing violence. With the dark clouds of war looming over England’s green and pleasant land, it is Greg who unexpectedly signs up for front line battle in France.

Against a backdrop of chaos and uncertainty, Greg discovers a world of uncompromising brutality. His journey through war-torn France exposes the very best and very worst of human nature along with the realisation that, no matter how far you run, the past will always find a way of catching up with you.

Cast & Creative

Rory Finn

Greg Jackson
Rory Finn made his film debut at the age of 13 as Young King Arthur in ‘The Last Legion’. More recently he appeared in the film, ‘Ginger and Rosa’ and the radio play ‘20 Ciragettes’ for the BBC. In addition to acting, Rory is a trained acrobat and circus performer.

Daniel Attwell

Jack Jackson
Daniel Attwell has numerous film and TV credits to his name including Ashton in ‘Eastenders’ and Dariel in Fox International’s ‘Jo’, starring alongside Jean Reno. Recent projects for the BBC include ‘Call the Midwife’ (playing Stan Baker).

Gordon Winter

Jacob Jackson
Gordon Winter has featured in over 100 TV commercials, appeared in films by Mike Leigh (‘Secrets and Lies’), Derek Jarman (‘Caravaggio’), Nic Roeg (‘Aria’), Johnny Rotten (PIL: ‘Rise’), Complicite (‘Orbital’) and Walt Disney (‘A Kid in Aladdin’s Court’). He’s been a regular in TV Series’: ‘Frank Stubbs’, ‘Fantastic Facts’, ‘South by South East’, and appeared in TV’s ‘ The Thirteenth Tale’, ‘Friday Night Dinner’, ‘Birds of a Feather’, ‘Casualty’, ‘The Vice’, ‘The Knock’, ‘Goodnight Sweetheart’, ‘The Bill’, ‘Minder’, etc. Extensive theatre includes Hull Truck touring (‘Bouncers’), plus Mike Carter’s ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ (Farmer Bean), ‘Pinocchio’ (Circus Master) and ‘Alice in Wonderland’.

Fiona Bruce

Margret Jackson
Fiona Bruce has worked extensively in film, TV and theatre. She has just finished playing Baruska for over a year in the award-winning West End production of ‘Once’.  Other credits include the lead role in ‘Mother Courage’ (Watford Palace Theatre), lead role, Camille Claudel in ‘The Waltz’ (West Yorkshire Playhouse), Jenny in ‘Threepenny Opera’ (London Bubble Theatre), Beth Cuxom in ‘The Mayor of Casterbridge’ (Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham), Mrs Bumble in ‘Oliver Twist’  (Bolton Octagon) and Olga in the much-acclaimed ‘Playing for Time’ (Salisbury Playhouse). She also played Molly in a one-woman show, ‘Molly Moonshine’.  TV credits include ‘Last of The Summer Wine’, ‘The Royal’, ‘Emmerdale’, ‘Where the Heart Is’, ‘Heartbeat’, ‘Prime Suspect’, ‘The Ward’, ‘Grange Hill’, ‘Taggart’ and ‘Coronation Street’.

Clare Fettarappa

Clare Fettarappa was born in Geneva to Scottish and Swiss parents and later moved to the South of France.  She completed a two year Musical Theatre Course in Glasgow where she obtained a ATCL in MT with distinction. She went on to achieve a BA HONS Degree in Acting from The Academy of Live and Recorded Arts. She has appeared on television but ‘Brothers of War’ marks her feature film debut.

Natasha Staples

Natasha Staples born in Singapore to British and Canadian parents, grew up in South Africa where she became a musical theatre performer (‘Grease’; ‘Chicago’; ‘Fame’) and national soap star (‘Backstage’). She made her feature film debut opposite Colin Farrell (‘Ask The Dust’). Since arriving in London, she has played Helen of Troy (‘Waiting for Apollo’), and created the role of Annabelle in ‘The Philosopher’s Tale’ at the Tristan Bates Theatre.

Lucas Tucknott

Director of Photography
Lucas Tucknott is an award winning Director of Photography, Camera Operator and Steadicam Operator. Always passionate about film and photography, he has been involved in the creative industry since setting up his own Multimedia Company aged 16. He has been a Director of Photography on a number of feature films, short films, commercials and music videos. He also films live sports events and is a resident cameraman at the Brighton and Hove Football Club.

Freddie Smith

As a curious and technical editor, Freddie is motivated by the delicate potency of character-based storytelling. He has edited fiction for over ten years and loves learning the craft across a wide range of genres and styles. Freddie is also the founder of Pocket Square Pictures, a team and workflow-oriented collective of Post specialists, which he runs in both Copenhagen and London. It’s important to him to join projects as early as possible to help sculpt the storytelling alongside the other creative departments. Freddie is also a keen Celtic/Jazz violinist and loves taking portraits, both on and off set.

Katherine Richards

Production Designer
Katherine’s career in design spans 35 years and has included a multitude of applications: graphic design, advertising and magazine styling, fashion design and manufacture, sculpture, illustration, theatre stage and costume design. Her passion for theatre stage design in London led her to a wealth of work with new writers where she was nominated twice at the London Design Awards. Working on Brothers at War has been a new experience for her but her knowledge of theatre design contributed to the look and style of the movie. She currently runs her own successful interior design company where she is widely known for her theatrical flair.

Mark Hodgkin

Sound Designer
From early age Mark’s passion for music began and he learned classical and electric guitar. Later he schooled at the Municipal School of Music in Sao Paulo, where he also studied Computer Engineering at the University of Sao Paulo. He also did School of Audio Engineering in London where he combined his passions for the creative and technical sides. Since then, Mark has been involved in many TV commercials, documentaries, short and feature films both as a sound designer and composer. Recently he was nominated for best original score for a short film in the International Southampton Film Festival and now also works as a Supervising Sound Editor for feature films.

Corin Buckeridge


Corin Buckeridge has composed music for most of the major UK regional theatre companies as well as for the Royal Shakespeare Company, the National Theatre, the Donmar Warehouse and in London’s West End. He has also worked as Musical Director for ‘Chicago’, ‘Hairspray’, and on the music staff for ‘Matilda’ and ‘the Book of Mormon’, all in the West End. Films include ‘Connected’, also for MCN Productions.

‘Brothers of War’ is a story rooted in the British countryside. It not only explores the complex relationships of humans in a time of conflict, it also examines man’s relationship with his environment. When we were fortunate enough to get Corin Buckeridge on board as composer, I knew he would produce a soundtrack which was quintessentially British and which captured these raw emotions which the story attempts to analyse.

Mike Carter

Full Credits

Owen Aaronovitch
Roger Alborough
Charlie Allen
Craig Appleton
Daniel Attwell
Nick Beeby
Fiona Bruce
Edmund Dehn
Stephan Erdman
Clare Fettarappa
James Hender
Pip Henderson
Boris Hiestand
John Hinton
Rory James
Tommy Jarvis
Vincent Kerschbaum
Klemens Koehring
Michael Koltes
Jane Lesley
William Ludwig
Ellie Piercy
Becca Pownall
Matt Ray Brown
Robert Rowland
Amy Shouler
Natasha Staples
Finley Whale
Gordon Winter

Stephen Thornton, British Agent
Frank Willis
Bert Duke, British Solider
RSM Cooper
Jake Jackson
André Lachance, Resistance Worker
Margaret Jackson
Harold Biermann, Solicitor
Klaus Hofmann, German Offier
Christabelle Hurot
Wolfgang Kohler, SD Officer
Betty Davies, Land Girl
Kurt Gutenberg
Gustav Gutenberg
Greg Jackson
Young Greg Jackson
Holger Fuhrmann, German Soldier
Egon Faber, German Soldier
Sam Williams, American Pilot
Penelope Withers, Schoolmistress
Meinhard Schmidt, SD Officer
Bernadette Dupond, Resistance Worker
Nurse Muller
Henri Hurot
Old Greg Jackson
Aimée Sauvage, Woman From Resistance
Sally Pettifer
Young Jake Jackson
Jacob Jackson

Pub Characters
Tom Dussek
Paddy O’Keeffe
Patrick Vincent
Peta Taylor
Dexter Tiranti
Rex Heasman

Farm Land Girls
Louisa Adams
Mkaya Carrigan
Amber Kennedy
Jessica Willard

British Soldiers
Ian Church
Peter Birkett
Max Birkett
Vince Scope
Lewis Scopes
Carl Mitcherley

German Soldiers
Tony Dudman
Valentine Czerny
Kevin Wilkins
Jack Deeley
Alex Vnoucek
Daniel Morris
Craig Machell
Geoff Goodyear

Craig Appleton
Ophélie Aymonier
Philippe Barnes
Corin Buckeridge
Whitney Branning
Mike Carter
Nik Carter
Jackie Crier
Chris Dance
Marina Dimaki
David Hatherell
Frances Hitchcock
Mark Hodgkin
Mathew Hodgkin
Sarah Hooper-Jennings
Mark Hudson
Jackie Maine
Patrick Phillips
Katherine Richards
Tim Richardson
Jennifer Skarpil
Freddie Smith
Natasha Staples
Ella Storrier
Demi Tarrant
Pete Thomas
Hollie Trist
Lucas Tucknott
Andy Ward
Gordon Winter

Military Advisor
Make-up Artist
Musician – Flutes, Whistles and Guitar
Music Composer
Producer, Writer & Director
Producer, Visual Effect Supervisor
Costume Supplier
Medical Advisor & Production Assistant
Make-up Assistant
Historian & Military Advisor
Make-Up and Hair Artist
Sound Recordist and Dubbing Mixer
Stills Photographer
Pre-Production Assistant
Pre Production Assistant
Production Manager
Score Recording Engineer
Production Designer
Military Advisor
Camera Assistant
Editor & DIT, Stills Photograper
Casting Assistant
Make-Up & Prosthetic Artist
Wardrobe Mistress
Executive Producer
Directors Assistant
Director of Photography
Sound Assistant
Casting Director

Directors Statement

The complex emotions within families have always intrigued me.  Years ago, when I was a teacher, it would only take me a few days before I reckoned that I could tell whether the children in my class had brothers or sisters and whether their siblings were older or younger than they were.  And I was even quicker at spotting an ‘only child’.  I believe the relationships we form with our siblings and our parents do more than anything else to shape our personalities.

But that actually wasn’t the starting point of ‘Brothers of War’ for me.

I have lived into my late fifties having never been involved in a war and I have often wondered how I would have reacted in battle.  Outnumbered, would I have turned and run, or would I have stood my ground and fought?  Would I have given up the names of my fellow conspirators under the duress of torture?  Or would I – could I – have been the torturer?  War produces the very best and the very worst in people and it’s impossible to know or understand the character-shaping consequence of extreme conflict.  And for that very reason, war makes a great backdrop for any film.

But war wasn’t the starting point of ‘Brothers of War’ either.

I’m no mathematician; I have always been drawn to the Arts above the Sciences. But I am obsessed with ‘chance’ and ‘probability’. As a young child I would be forever playing with a set of dice, fascinated by the probability of different combinations.  There is a moment in ‘Brothers of War’ when Jake spins the barrel of a revolver for a second time and claims:  ‘The odds don’t change, do they?  It’s always one in six’.  That was both the starting image and the initial concept which triggered ‘Brothers of War’.  The rest is the most extraordinary journey of my life.

Mike Carter