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Fraternity | The Trailer

By January 12, 2014August 5th, 2015News

Farm boy, Jake Jackson, lives for girls, guns and adrenalin;  his younger brother, Greg, loves poetry.  The tensions and bitter rivalry between the two finally erupt into bloody, life-changing violence.  With dark clouds of war looming over England’s green and pleasant land, it is Greg who unexpectedly signs up for front line battle in France.  Meanwhile, the unspoken secrets and lies of this farming family continue to fester.  Decades later, two German brothers unearth some shocking news which leads them all the way to England to lay the ghosts to rest.

The film is currently in post production;  screenings are planned for early 2014.

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  • Stephan says:

    Great job on the trailer, pleasure to be a part of! Stephan

  • Derek Attwell says:

    Looks amazing. I am Daniel’s dad and biased, but the trailer is excellent! Well done to everyone. I’m looking forward to a full screening.

  • Paul Miller says:

    Way to go Daniel Attwell, ( my cousin) second billing, looks like a great film will defo be watching it (unless I get an invite to the opening,) and buying the DVD, love a war film with a twist,…….will defo be promoting it vai all my friends worldwide….. Well done mate…..

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